Social Media: Is it Art?

The moment you enter a museum, your eyes are bombarded with vibrant paintings masterfully created by the delicate stroke of a paintbrush, or period marble sculptures handcrafted with tedious patience. Traditionally, we consider these as true art forms: paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Photography, fashion, dance, music, and yes, even writing are non-traditional art forms that... Continue Reading →

A Year In The Making

I honestly can not believe that it has been an entire year since I first launched this website. I can remember the agonizing hours I spent attempting to learn how to code, just to be able to link my social media accounts to this blog, as if it were yesterday. How could so much time... Continue Reading →

F r e e d o m?

      It feels like a dirty secret that I have to harbor, the fact that my parents are immigrants. It’s tucked away deep into the recesses of my heart, right along side the hard work and pain that they have gone through to get me where I am today. See, America was built... Continue Reading →

To you

This is an apology I feel as though recently I have been taking people for granted. Unintentionally, but still, I know I have been. I'm sorry for failing to see the vast amount of support behind me I’m sorry I never saw it before And I can’t believe it took me so long to realize... Continue Reading →


Before anything else, she is a Woman. Respect her. Respect her choices. And Respect that … She is strong. Muscles hidden beneath layers of misogyny, her blood pumps with antibodies against it. She fights her battle every day, building momentum against the ongoing war. She gets a little shaken from time to time, but she... Continue Reading →

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