Like Rose Water

Rosé is a metaphor for how I’ve decided to view life.

It’s like rose water, quenches your thirst but always leaves you wanting more. A little too sweet and not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it works for you don’t let anyone else stop you.

It’s like rose water, you never know how deep or how shallow the water really is until you set foot into it for yourself. Like life, you must do before you know.

It’s like rose water, tinted pink so you can see a reflection but never too clearly, much like the past that a lot of us cling onto dearly. It’s good to look back but never to dwell.

A flower has many parts and like every human is utterly complex, yet at the same time simple. We all have roots, places that we’re tied to and call home. We all have stems, a backbone that sometimes bends with the right amount of influence, but remains strong in the face of adversity. Leaves, blocking out the shade and protecting us from harm’s way. Petals, that bloom and showcase our individuality and beauty.

It’s like a rose that needs water.

I’ve learned that in order for my rose to bloom, I have to take every day, one at a time. Live my life to the fullest by doing what makes me happy. Water your garden every day and hopefully your roses begin to flourish too.



Sasha Rosé

10 thoughts on “Like Rose Water

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  1. “A little too sweet and not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it works for you don’t let anyone else stop you.” Literally inspiration to all. Love your mind. I’m here for this.

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  2. This is so much your soul. Beautiful inside and out. It warmed my heart and filled it with truth and inspiration. Keep doing what you love and follow your heart which is love and blessings will follow. I love you my dear cousin and never stop being you!

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