Before anything else, she is a


Respect her. Respect her choices. And Respect that …

She is strong.

Muscles hidden beneath layers of misogyny, her blood pumps with antibodies against it. She fights her battle every day, building momentum against the ongoing war. She gets a little shaken from time to time, but she never lets her guard down. She is a warrior and she never backs down from a challenge. Never afraid to get dirty, she plays sports and goes to the gym. She trains her mind, body, and soul every day.

fullsizerender-11Terilyn Harris. IG: terilyn.elise 

She is a mother.

Nurturing and caring beyond compare. She lives her life for her children, effortlessly giving all that she can. Her hands, delicate and small, work hard to fuel their future. She is determined and dedicated to raising her babies right. Her goal is for their dreams to come true and she only ever wishes for their success and happiness. Her joy brightens an entire room and her hugs leave imprints on your skin. Her tokens of love are sweet and continuous, elaborate gifts and delicious meals. She is the reason we all exist and the reason we all continue to thrive.

fullsizerender-7Mama Rose ft. Sister Rose

She is a sister.

Protective and loyal to no bounds, she loves her sibling with her whole being. Their lives are connected to one another forever. A bond that could never die or be broken. Years of laughter, photographs, clothes stealing, and advice. They share a link with one another that despite the time, distance, or circumstance could never change. Throughout life, not many things are forever, but the love of a sister is.

FullSizeRender-13.jpg Left: Ryann Rutz. IG: photo_ryann Right: Alexis Rutz. IG: lexirutzzz 

She is a teacher.

Years of lessons ingrained in her from the start, she shapes the lives of tomorrow. She is willing to take on any student and feed their aspirations. She is kind and strong-willed. She teaches more than any school textbook could. Her actions showcase her desire for a brighter future. She is character-driven and community-focused. She is

fullsizerender-9Center: Destany Arnold. IG: my_destany

She is a healer.

Touching hearts of the lives of many. Inspiring millions every day to be passionate and forgiving. She mends the sadness within your bones and recovers your worries and hands them over to faith. Her words are soothing and put you at ease. She adventures far and wide, attempting to help all of those around her. She wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see but it doesn’t make her weak.

fullsizerender-10Mashona Council. 

She is a dancer.

Movements flowing from one to the next, her feet expressing her journey through life. Her mind is filled with the music that constantly surrounds her. She moves to the sound flawlessly, the rhythm as natural as her heartbeat. Her body is her talent, a well-oiled machine that performs instinctively. From one dance to the next, she reveals her story, a blooming wildflower amongst the city streets.

fullsizerender-6Berta Flores. IG: berta.fl

She is a musician.

Her fingers creating melodies that soothe the ache in your chest. Harmonious and pure, her voice rings out with clarity and truth. Her song is her soul, filled with emotion and beauty. Her music fills your being with light and sorrow. She moves you with every single note. The feelings she evokes are from deep within, a place that most hide from. She is a master at her craft and she blesses us with her aura.

fullsizerender-5Alexus Foster. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lexi-verse  

She is her own person.

Her body is hers, every organ and appendage designed from up above. Perfect in its own right. Her mind is her greatest weapon, gifted beyond a doubt. Her clothes reflect nothing but a love for herself and her assets. She is not a present wrapped with a bow. Her makeup is done with such precision, that it should never be ruined by tears. Hair at whatever length is just an extension of her beauty. Tattoos or piercings are born from creativity and art that mean the world to her. Her body is her temple, fit for the goddess she was born to be.

fullsizerender-8 Tricia Ramgadoo. IG: just_ramgadoit

Chin up, darling.

They don’t realize that every time they call you “sweetie” on the side of the road, how uncomfortable you get, and how you walk a little faster, and how you avoid eye contact, and how you clutch your belongings a little tighter.

Remember that you aren’t walking alone. Thousands of women face that fear every day.

She shouldn’t, but she does.

We need to treat her better. Compliment her laugh and the crinkle on her forehead. Love her art and support her. Read her poems and decipher her true meanings. Take her on adventures and take pictures when she isn’t looking. Understand her favorite songs and sing along. Buy her favorite thing when she’s sad and hold her if she’s crying.  Remind her that she’s important to you, whoever she is, no matter what role she plays. Make time for her, even when it’s hard. Listen, even when she isn’t even speaking. But most of all, tell her you love her always.

fullsizerender-12Evelyn Valdez. IG: lookitsevee

Before anything else, she is a



She is loved.

Remember that.


Sasha Rosé

This post was written in honor of Women’s History Month.
Dedicated to my Mama Rose and all of the influential women in my life.

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