A Year In The Making

I honestly can not believe that it has been an entire year since I first launched this website. I can remember the agonizing hours I spent attempting to learn how to code, just to be able to link my social media accounts to this blog, as if it were yesterday. How could so much time have passed already? Before I go off on a tangent about time being a social construct, I want to thank anyone who is even taking the time to read this right now. I know I have a small and select audience at the moment, but this wouldn’t have been possible without you my lovely readers! Thank you for sticking around for 365 days, many of which I didn’t even post!

              Let’s start off by addressing the fact that I started this blog in order to write freely, whenever and however, I wanted. It was originally a system for venting, but over the course of this year, I really wanted it to become a place for not only my thoughts but the collective thoughts of those of you around the world. I wanted to make an impact with my voice and write about topics that I felt needed to be talked about more. Part of the reason that I haven’t been blogging as much as I had originally anticipated, is because I channeled this want to impact people by further pursuing my poetry.

                In 2017, not only was I crazy enough to start a blog from my lowly twin-sized bed in a college dormitory, but I also made the decision to put together a collection of my poetry and somehow self-published this work into a book. Now, I know I’m not a New York Times Bestseller (yet) but this has been the greatest achievement of my life thus far. I could not be prouder of myself for being able to be so vulnerable with my heart and my words and allowing you all to read and feel my innermost intimacies.

              I took time off from posting because I was curating this book and it felt like my whole life was being poured into it. For the first time in a long time, I felt happy and I felt alive. I felt like I had finally found my purpose in life. My poetry book “Like Rose Water” is honestly a piece of me that has grown so much and showcases the last three years of my life. I wanted to share those emotions with you and the world so that people could relate and know that they are never the only ones to experience the things that life has to throw at us. I’ll go more into depth in future posts about my personal experiences with things like depression and anxiety because in this day and age people tend to overlook mental illness. But more on that at a later date, I promise.

              I have done a lot of soul-searching in the past year and I have had a rather (sarcastically) enjoyable rollercoaster of ups and downs. There were so many instances where I would start a post and never finish writing it or I was too afraid to publish it because I knew I would face judgment. But now? I have already thrust my most private feelings into the universe and I feel like I can finally write without fear on this site. I was holding myself back. Not anymore. At the end of the day, I want to inspire, in whatever way I can.

              I plan on posting those blog posts (and several food/travel pictures) that haven’t seen the light of day sometime soon and actually re-vamping the site, but it’ll take a minute for me to actually get back into the groove of things. I mean, after all, I still am a procrastinating college student. But I am looking forward to releasing those thoughts to the forever-lasting world wide web, and hopefully, you guys stick around for whichever whirlwind impulsive journey I find myself on next. Once again thank you, it’s been a year in the making and I can’t wait for more to come.

“Like Rose Water, This tastes like happiness”



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  1. All the best on your blog. I am excited for you and happy to know you have made some ground decisions. I am always proud of young sasha Rose. The skyes the limit. Keep reaching. I am behind you 100%. Love and hugs.

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