Social Media: Is it Art?

multicolored abstract painting
Photo by Steve Johnson on

The moment you enter a museum, your eyes are bombarded with vibrant paintings masterfully created by the delicate stroke of a paintbrush, or period marble sculptures handcrafted with tedious patience. Traditionally, we consider these as true art forms: paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Photography, fashion, dance, music, and yes, even writing are non-traditional art forms that have become more popularized over time. A new form of art is now on the rise: Social Media and the Millennial Artist. I know many of you are thinking… how? In the following post, I’ll explain to you just how it not only allows you to showcase art but how it can also be art in and of itself.

The main platform that artists use would be Instagram. Instagram allows creators to set up a business profile in order to track views and insert links to products. It also has an IGTV feature that you can use to post long videos either promoting a product, a tutorial, a trailer, etc. Instagram started off as a place to post photographs and to connect with friends. Professional photographers utilize Instagram to post their portfolio of images online to gain a mass following, gain business, find potential models to shoot, and even other photographers to work with. The building up of an aesthetically pleasing feed is extremely important for an Instagram photographer. To be successful as a photographer in general but especially online, you want to be able to have a certain signature style that is just yours.


@brandonwolfel on Instagram. Brandon specializes in taking creative and vibrant images of really bright lights, colored smoke, and posed dancers.

Aside from photographers, artists also will post their drawings or paintings on Instagram.


@inkquisitive on Instagram. Mr. Ink creates amazing watercolor paintings of celebrities, Disney characters, and commissioned requests.

A very popular new form of artistry is make-up, and make-up artists utilize Instagram as a place to show off their art! James Charles is one of the most popular make-up artists of 2018, and he got his rise to fame through his Instagram posts.




@JamesCharles on Instagram. James is known for his colorful iconic looks.

I would say even the average everyday IG user is an artist because of the work that goes into creating a single post. Photos are edited, a caption is written that is either witty, sarcastic, straightforward, or heartfelt and is added (some choose the aesthetic of no captions or just emoji captions), a location can be added or people tagged in the image, and more. So much thought and effort goes into one post just to look good, and many people try to have a theme or coordinate their posts. (I am guilty of overthinking and doing this for possibly hours at a time).

As a blogger, I utilize social media such as WordPress and Instagram the most to post my creative writing, poetry, photography, and blog posts. (I promise a re-vamp is coming soon! Patience is also an art form).


“Watercolor canvas spilling into the sky

oranges and purples begin to collide

as the light disappears behind the clouds

photographs are taken amongst the crowd”


Excerpt from Georgia Sunset by Sasha Rosé


@likerosewater on Instagram

Poetry can create vivid images in their readers’ mind. Poets paint using words in the form of metaphors, similes, analogies, etc. Creative writers can create entire fantasy worlds with just words and their readers feel as though those places are real i.e. The Harry Potter Universe by J.K. Rowling.

Many people utilize Twitter as a way to tell short stories and they have even become famous from doing so. Below is a link to an article by The Guardian that showcases some of these stories. I never even knew people could utilize this platform this way! (I learned this from my social media class, truly an eye-opening course).

Social Media can be used as a platform to showcase art, but it can also become an art form itself. Sites like Tumblr are all about the aesthetic of photographs, and when you choose to have a blog, your theme becomes an art form. You dedicate your time to finding images solely that fit your vision, whether it be black and white, one single color, landscape photos, quotes, anime, movie or TV related, etc. Tumblr is also a site where people share fandom stories or even personal photography and are able to gain a following.

Another site that is a platform but also an art form is Youtube. Youtube is a space where anyone can upload a video and share their content with the world. However, the profession of being a Youtuber is art!


Youtuber Lilly Singh posts comedy sketches, music video parodies, and vlogs.


Youtuber Jeffree Star posts makeup tutorials and product reviews.


Youtubers Ethan and Grayson Dolan post comedy sketches, challenge videos, and collaboration videos.

Many video creators film, edit, and upload creative content weekly! Those videos include a multitude of art forms rolled into one: singing, acting, dancing, entertaining, etc. They are screenwriters, directors, producers, animators, and editors as well. Managing an online platform and presence is an art form, as well as a brand because it is a creative outlet that also sends a message to whoever views it.

Some millennials might even say a Meme is an art! It includes an image and text, so it incorporates elements of photography and creative writing. The subtext of the meme is up for interpretation just like one would try to discern the meaning from a Van Gogh painting.


Think of social media as an art museum that has several wings showcasing a variety of different galleries. Each gallery is a different artist who uses a different type of medium. Those mediums would be each social media outlet that there is today. In a way, a museum is an art because it is a specific curation of pieces put together. Both are experiences that can impact you for a lifetime.

At the end of the day, art is anything that affects any of your senses and stimulates or inspires you. Whether it be in traditional forms or not, Social media does those things and more. Always remember to support your local creatives and to take the time to cultivate and express your emotions through a safe outlet. Social media is what you make of it, and I’m choosing to make it art. How about you?


Sasha Rosé

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